Traditional Urns

Traditional Urn Pendants

History of cremation tradition dates back to Ancient times. But in those times cremation was a military procedure and was associated with battlefield honors. And it was in India and in the Indian-influenced cultures of Buddhism and Sikhism that cremation developed into a central and enduring social institution. Cremation became an appropriate vehicle for expressing the ephemerality of bodily life and the eternity of spiritual life. Nowadays the ritual of burning body and keeping the ashes in special urns is very popular all over the world. Along with traditional urns for ashes, cremation jewelry grows in popularity. Although a traditional urn pendant for ashes is a relatively new idea, it's actually inspired by Victorian mourning jewelry. Back in the day, this style of jewelry was very popular; pendants, rings and brooches were often fashioned to contain a loved one's lock of braided hair. Today traditional urn pendants are wide spread and is pleased to offer families the option of cremation jewelry, a modern twist on an old tradition.
Our urn pendants of traditional designs are available in various shapes and forms. Some of them resemble ordinary vessels for ashes but of tiny sizes. You can select from tube shaped pendants, rectangle pendants, glass memorial pendants, classic ashes holders, teardrop shaped pendants and oval items. Some of them are plain and subtle, the others are richly decorated with ornaments, patterns, inscriptions and rhinestones.
To wear a traditional urn pendant is a way to keep precious memories close at hand for a lifetime. Such items can help you to feel a very spiritual connection to the lost loved one. They can serve as small memorials or tributes and can always be close to the heart. Visit our web store to obtain a traditional urn pendant which will always remind you of your significant other and of the treasure time you spent together.