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In spite of the fact that cremation jewelry is a relatively new concept, it has become a popular form of memorializing lost loved ones. One of the main reasons of this is that these items are small and portable tributes in which a small portion of cremation ashes can be placed, and you can always feel that your departed loved one is by your side. Nowadays new designs, styles and themes of cremation jewelry appear day by day. Was your significant other a passionate fan of a special team or sport? Was he or she the type that listened to one baseball game on the radio and watched another one on television all at the same time? Or was he or she a great sportsperson? Somewhere in heaven you loved one is watching at you and your actions. Why not give our significant others the peace and comfort to know that the interests they had has not gone unnoticed. The best way to memorialize them is to wear a special sport urn pendant, depicting your loved one’s favorite sport or team. Such jewelry is a way to pay tribute to a special person, place, or time, in a way that also holds that warm memory close to our hearts. Furthermore such items can help you to appease your grief, to feel that your loved one will be always close to you.

At you will find a new rang of sport urn pendants. As sport urns are defined by the particular sport, they are available in a variety of styles. Among them are items featuring such sports as football, baseball, rugby, boxing, fishing, motorcycling etc. Distinctive and sophisticated, they reflect the love of the sports and look elegant worn around your neck. Welcome to our web store to select from wonderful sport urn pendants which will help you to keep your gone loved one in your memory.