Heart Shaped Urn Pendants

Losing your loved friend or a family member is a deep sorrow. But there are some ways to appease your grief for a little bit. These ways are expressed in various rituals and ceremonies. But you, maybe, wonder how to keep in memory and to feel close to your loved one after all these rituals. Then, the best solution is to wear special urn pendant. It is a kind of jewelry which is designed to contain ashes or cremated remains of gone loved ones. They come in a variety of styles and designs. But if you are searching for a special cremation urn to remember your loved one, then a heart shaped urn is a perfect choice. It is the most popular design. The idea and this very design can be traced back to the 16th century, Victorian Age. The popularity of the heart symbol is evident, as it is a sign of emotions, affection and love. The heart as a symbol of love has been with us longer than history can even account for. Thus a heart shaped urn will always remind you of the love you shared. Our heart shaped urn pendants are executed in various designs. And here you can find classic items, decorated with stones, turquoises and crystals, vintage hearts with wings and ornaments, pendants, decorated with prints of birds, crosses and other symbols. Urns with inscriptions can help you to express your sorrow and feelings. Among them are “Mom In Heart” memorial pendant, “Always in my Heart” memorial urn, “Miss you” memorial pendant. Plain glass ashes holders of different colors are also available to choose from. All items are made of high quality materials, such as stainless steel, so that a pendant could serve you for a long time. Welcome to our web store to find the most suitable heart shaped urn pendant to keep warm memories of your loved ones.