Customizable Pet Urn Retail Board

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7.00 LBS

A great way to bring personalization into your store using this eye catching countertop sales board! The sales associate is able to take the customers custom order and the customer pays at checkout. Once we receive the order from you, we create it at our studio in Seminary, Mississippi and send it directly to your customer using either our packing or yours! We can also send it back to your store where the customer can pick it up directly from you.


  • Pet ownership is higher than it's ever been in the US and across the globe. As such, the cremation of a pet is at the highest it has even been and becoming more and more accepted. The loss of a pet is deeply felt and owners are searching for ways to commemorate the love and companionship they brought into their lives. 
  • Pet urn keepsakes are a beautiful way to keep a lost pet close. Whether customers choose to use their keepsake as a necklace, keychain, or just to hang in their jewelry box each urn comes with everything they need. Made of medical-grade stainless steel, these treasures will last forever. As an added bonus, each urn comes with an additional charm hand stamped with a special message that can be easily removed.
  • We offer several ways to present the product to your customers and have a large variety of in-stock urns to choose from, and our customer service specialists are ready to speak with you one on one to help guide you through the process of choosing the very best urns for your business. 
  • A Piece of Them is EDI compliant and experienced with large volume international sales for retail outlets.