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High Quality Cremation Urns

At a Piece of Them we specialize in selling high quality cremation urns for preserving ashes or other special keepsakes, with a wide range of designs available to provide a fitting memorial to your loved one.

Whether it is a beloved family member or a cherished pet, the passing away of someone close to you is always an extremely difficult and sad time. We understand that your visit to our website is not under the best circumstances, however we feel confident that you’ll find something fitting for your loved one in our extensive range…

Cremation Urns

Cremation urns are usually used to preserve cremation ashes of the departed, however they can also be used to store special keepsakes or other memorial items such as photographs or treasured jewelry pieces.

An urn can either be kept at home or at the chapel of rest, or you may choose to bury it in the garden or other outdoor place. Some people also like to scatter the ashes at a special location fitting to the departed one.

Whatever you plan to do, we sell a large range of high-quality cremation urns designed to provide a fitting memorial to your loved one, with many different sizes, shapes and designs available.

Many people prefer to go with a traditional or religious urn, but it is also worth considering some of our more personal ranges, including nature & wildlife urns, sport urns and heart shaped urns. Whether the departed one was a lover of wildlife or a big-hearted family member, you are sure to find the perfect tribute in our range of high quality urns.

In addition, we also sell a range of special pet urns for storing the remains of your beloved pet. Your pet is most definitely a part of your family, so find the perfect way to remember your special friend with our great range of urns.

As we mentioned earlier, we understand that your visit to our website is under extremely difficult and sad circumstances, but we hope that you will find something suitable in our extensive range of urns available at very reasonable prices.

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